racism and hatred statement can came from both malay and chinese as well....

and i hope.

you guys are smart and wise enough to distinguish between racist and not-racist type of people.

we in malaysia got malay-racist, chinese-racist, and indian-racist.
and apparently the only sin in this cases was being racist, and racist people from any kind of race dont have the right to be treated as human.
I personally admit that...

we can claim with thousand point of insatisfaction if we want. Because equality is never exist actually, its just propaganda that should be repaired by us in a proper manners way...

I realize that too. But it is unfair when just because of one malay/chinese/indian people do bad things, then you came out with huge accusation on the whole malay/chinese/indian....

Any attempts to bring out racism element is also should be avoided. I myself ever being cheated in petaling street by chinese salesman.
but it never change my sense of respect to my chinese neighbor and their good deeds is still remembered.

Because I do believe, one chinese/malay/indian is  not necessarily same with another even their language and culture is same. There must be a rotten apple in a bucket.

come on smart...dont let the hatred take place and demolish the harmony....

for the record :

#12 people from various races like this
#we still have a chance for unity and solidarity...
#Siti Inshah and Namewee got no boundary to be called different...[in case the racist rumors is true]
#nobody came out and denying this

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