As usual for Friday noon we will having our lunch together right after Friday prayers, but today my boss planned something different, he asked us to went to another mosque in kampung kuantan. its quite farther than our usual place.

we even dont have a chance to listen to the preach. i know its a part of friday prayers mortal but in this condition we might be entitled with sort of excuses a.k.a rukhsah. my supervisor and boss have to replace their other left rekaat. i hope they knew how to do that in proper and actual way. because sometimes i realize someone just replacing the left rekaat with a single rekaat. but it aint the right things to do.

in other hand if you guys late for a friday prayers and unfortunately left by imam with a rekaat. you have to pay it back by another three rekaat. it'll automaticly turn into usual zohor prayers. dont get confuse with this. kalau tak percaya tanya lah ustaz.

all of this happened just because my boss's appetite kinda weird today. he eagerly wanted to have some air kelapa naik mata at nasi kawah batu tiga near the kampung kuantan kalau lalu jalan dalam. nasi kawah is awesome and expensive as well. damn.

those costly bill kinda bothering my supervisors ass during his meal. he keep on nagging about the bill. but honestly its aint  a shit that im suppose to give much. as for me , it is worth it if the thing is food enough to be called food.

my boss just go on with his unique style. during his meal, he wont take a look at the piece of paper given by the waitress. he said he will be butthurt if he already knew the price earlier. and for sure his bon voyage moment will be spoiled. and his monstrous appetite will turn to mice. he just laugh while my supervisor complaining about the bill.

long story short right after we came back for work, my supervisor pop out a determination to throw a boycott to the nasi kawah stall. and all of sudden my boss come out with something like.

"dengar nie. kita tak sepatutnya complain dengan rezeki yang Allah bagi pada kita, tak kira lah mahal ke murah ke, memang Allah dah tulis sebelum kita lahir lagi. hari ini kita akan makan nasi dengan harga sekian sekian. so tak elok lah kita komplen dengan rezeki kita setiap hari. even kita sendiri bukan penentu mutlak dengan lauk apa yang akan kita ceduk masuk ke pinggan. kalau Allah kata hari ini kita akan makan nasi lauk ayam dengan harga ini, buat lah apa apa pun, lauk kita hari itu tetap tak akan berubah."

seriously those kind of words is kinda electrify me an my supervisor. i dont even realize that my boss can come out with those stunningly impressive words. and honestly, i started to respect him day by day. he is so cool and awesome by the way he look how Allah weaving our life since we not born yet and he got a very discreet eye in viewing on something.

thanks Allah for let me know this guy and make me one of his acquaintance. and so far, he still great.
and thank you boss.

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y3op berkata...

bos = ayah ko..
supervisor = adik ko..xpon abg ko..

btoi x?..ko mne kje lgi...