when i was about to write something in here suddenly the idea went away and i feel f' up by remain with this way. so that i tell you what i will make sure that this time i will publish this things out,

know what bila kita tengah sedih kita akan rasa yang kitalah orang paling sedih, sama jugak dengan rasa down. bila kita tengah down, kita akan rasa kita lah paling down dan paling teruk, but recently Tuhan tunjukkan kuasa Nya pada aku bahawa aku bukan lah yang paling teruk diuji dan yang paling malang nasibnya.

so dari hal yang demikian aku belajar supaya lain kali bila nak mengenang nasib sila optimis pada kebesaran Tuhan.

anyway i just started a new things in my live journal, its quite awesome as to the pre-judgement i dont wanna put any prejudice on the top of list. but recently my duty kinda tough and i have to gain more self esteem and spirit.

Great God, He put me in the middle of my kinda person and its cool if you were in the know that someone shared something in common with ya. and even cooler you are currently happened to be with them.

and know what?. i have a cool everything for the time being. but i need a cool jacket. banyak makwe perlukan perhatian. they put mars and venus on a "well" almost well balanced ratio. haha!

for the record :

its FSPU!

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