Its a fasting month.. so kids in my neighbor keep busying telling their lies to their mom about going to surau for terawikh.. but indeed they went to the nearest playground to play with fire crackers and not to mention a kampung made cannon..

Kampung made cannon needs a karbait as and essence of explosive material.. this karbait usually used as chemical fertelizer at banana's orchard.. its easily to be found there..

so i asked my brother..

Me: dulu aku main meriam free je.. tak payah beli karbait.. kau tau kat mana syurga karbait kat area ni..

Brother : ala tau.. kat bawah telapak kaki ibu..

Yes.. you cant easily use hyperbolic when talking to kids.. thats it


Once upon a time ago..

there is blogger who chose to write everything he wanted to share with his reader...

This blogger is a very good guy untill he found out twitter..

Then he started using twitter untill he realize blogging is not the thing anymore..

He even at some point forgot his own blogspot password and manage to catch it back using fogot password feature provided by blogspot..

And thats it.. he now live happily with twitter .. simple.. vibrant elegant.. and fast..

But somehow.. he do miss about blogging thing.. blogwalking.. blog bersawang.. blog berkarat.. and all the story about how nuffnang not giving him his payment due to the excessive own click by him on his very own blog..

But thats not encourage him to be active in blogging as before..

Now.. due to the ultimate boredom that he currently deal with... he decided to give it a try to his just downloaded blogging apps on his smartphone..

yeah no.. he not actually brag about his awesome smartphone.. but thats not suppose to be an issue here..

Who care.. everyone already got their smartphone in their pocket.. even digi will give you rm50 alcatel smartphone..

Thats what your prime minister want.. the youth generation who own a smartphone.. so we all can eat an expensive chicken and fuel up the tank with expensive oil.. and even ride an expensive car.. without have to whining about it.. because we can own a smartphone.. why bother with a little increament on chicken price?..

So that we can brag to our neighbouring country...

Malaysian : "hey pal!"...
Neighbouring citizen : "whadap?"..
Malaysian : "im riding an expensive car which i fuel it up with     expensive fuel.. i eat expensive chicken...you got meh?.."
Neighbouring citizen : " dasar malingsia bodoh.. gak punya otak.. aku benci benci banget sama surporterrr malaysia.."

Anyway.. shukoooor lah... malaysia masih aman...

Untill next time..


Its been a while since the last time.. ok thats it.. good bye! (^_^)v

Q up

well yeah lads.

i dont have any intention to write, but i feel to write and here you are. reading.

im not fancy with blogspot anymore because blogging is too mainstream and because kids from standard six also can blogging nowadays. and yes. blogspot is full of shit not to mention social media per se.

aku malas nak cakap english sangat, sebab english pun bukan semua nak cakap melayu sangat. so ini adalah semester break.

there is a scene i want to share,

aku nak beli peel fresh so i went to 99 speedmart dekat dan lebih murah. then dekat lantai kat kaunter tu ada groceries yang diletak kat dalam baldi which i thought the item to be put at the shelves by the worker.

so i get my peel fresh from fridge and put it on the counter like a boss, whilst waiting the cashier handling other customer yang credit card asyik kena decline. well its not the story.

so i queue up like a normal human being and yes i am. waiting patiently and my courtesy level is moderate and acceptable to the humanity. then this happen between me an seorang ah so yang letak barang barang dalam baldi tu.

damn it. she merely put her stuff there sambung cari barang lepas tu tiba tiba simply cut the line. asshole!

cool kan. well to be honest this is actually what happen. i glared at her eyes uneasily. and left the speedmart beli kat kedai sebelah. we have a lot of asshole nowadays please stop increase the number. 

usually asshole yang cutting line nie jenis ahso ahso auntie auntie whom we dont have audacity to express our unsatisfactory towards them. yes even they are an asshole with bunch of reasons they can come out with.

so youth need to to teach your mama how to fit in society and be good person at cashier counter. because sometime folk also need some lesson.

know what. im typing while hunting down the kelkatu yang masuk bilik. nice kelkatu. nice. terbang laju laju lagi buat bising. tak pe aku tak tidur pun tak pe dengar bunyi sayap kau. sial!



aku bukan blogger lagi, its ok. but aku akan try tulis tulis bila aku rasa nak tulis kat sini. jadi secara basicnya kalau korang nak stalking sini bukan tempat untuk stalking yang ideal.

i have a lot of thing yang sedih sedih sampai aku tak tahu nak ratap yang mana. first banyak plan jangkapanjang aku ranap. second aku tak ada plan B. actually there is a plan B. but then aku yang malas dan manja.

ok like everyone give a F.

lepas tu banyak pula benda yang tak larat ditanggung datang minta ditanggung. oh yeah. its OK and sit tight mr.burden. we are about to f'ing ride this rolakosta.

adaptation baby.. it is adaptation.. cuma kau jea yang belum pernah hidup macam nie.. be patience.

i learnt one new cool smiley.. t(-_-t)... cool kan lebih euphemistic. yeah.. aku makin negatif day by day.

BTW salam maal hijrah buddy.
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