321 GO!


its been a while since last entry eh?. and yeah. im coming back to write a two or three shit about life and useless topic. while waiting a chance to be care. i admit this is not a good time to write about the happiest moment in life.

plus this is not what all the mankind ever wanted in their life, being failed and condemned with sort of unused good luck wish. and tee hee, give em a chance they dont have any idea about what they rather say instead of good luck.

i have a long two days rest. its make me soft such a low gravity beneath my feet. made my laziness sprang up like roses in the dhuha sunlight. damn, i like these metaphor and fantabulous words due to the over reading of literature, novel yada yada yada. and they love to put the real messages inside out.

i try to read the al-kahfi but im not strong enough to end the recitation due to long phrases it got. i read somewhere on the book [indahnya hidup bersyariat- may refer to the rock rack on the sidebar], its good for us muslim to read the al-kahfi on Friday eve. we will be protected.

i admit i have an issue with self control recently. so i keep seeking the method to overcome my stupid desire and appetite. maybe this is the right time to build the mosque and give my parents one or two kids to be called grandchild. ouh overwhelming is it?. damn ill keep it low afterwards.

its actually this long hiatus that currently buried me alive in, kick me out of track. losing control and push me forcefully through the hectic area. some-unnoticed-time i forgot that i ever suffered even worse than this. but all these suffocation yet to be healed. yet to be cured. yet to be killed.

i do really need to wake me up. so far i still looking for a point to start the momentum. i hate this pit stop more than i hate hell  prison might fit it well...ko tak takut neraka ke?.

ah chow!.

for the record :

tak sempat nak tulis "jangan baca sebab entry nie bosan" kat atas tadi.

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