i try to sleep just now, but i cant due to this head ache which still left its bullshit residual inside of my head. i was about to recover from unpredictable fever, then my emotion kinda fluctuate like a simple harmonic motion graph and whatever.

so i started to think this few most annoying thing ever happened in my life. Ok lets get on the list.

same message different version

have you ever being in the middle of conversation or chatting or whatever similar, and you come out with your statement or respond. then somebody simply deny it and then repeating your idea with different version.

dont have clue yet?. let me highlight the scenario.

stupid A : aku bukan tak nak niaga dengan bapa aku, aku cuma tak boleh lah.

you : kenapa?..kau tak ok ke dengan bapak kau?

stupid A : bukan tak ok...ok tu ok..cuma...macam mana nak cakap erk...aku dengan bapak aku kira tak ngam sangat lah..

damn, can someone tell me which part the "tak ok" and "tak ngam" mutually different?. another scenario just happened to me past few days where

me : kak, kalau tak ada membership kad... ini normal price tau?.

kakak : ok

interlocutor B : bukan normal price lah ... cuma diskaun tu untuk ahli, kalau bukan ahli harga biasa.

me : silent [letting the stupid turn to stupider]

its like they purposely wanted to make me look stupid by saying a "wrong things", but in the mean time they just repeat it with different version of my word.

and another annoying things happened around me lately is. they chatting in very high tech morse code, berkias kias bagai perli memperli dan macam macam lagi.

know what. i am multifunction decipher machine version 2.0, so that i can exactly trace the message that you guys try to convey. if you wanted to make the message unharmed. kindly please make it subliminal enough otherwise just keep it in the safety vault. the contoh is going like this.

victim C :  lepas nie kalau saya ada bini saya nak jaga elok elok lah.

stupid D : ha...ingat tu jangan ikut perangai ayah kau tu...jaga bini elok elok.

me : perangai ayah dia kenapa?. 

victim C : mana boleh bagitahu aku dengan stupid D je boleh tahu.

stupid D : aah...kitorang memang ada banyak rahsia.

me : [ini mesti kes poligami atau masalah rumah tangga kan?...come on la rumah aku pun ada TV..]*dalam hati


now victim C your secret is not secret enough anymore. it even already published to a blog. the point is please stop acting like a leaking secret is still secret please. because you cannot hide the stupidity in your action when you already show it. it wont be happened in a same time.

alrighty then. i have to sleep. hope you guys can take iktibar mana mana yang patut. kalau tak puas hati tinggalkan kat komen

for the record :

School teaches you more about things you don't need to know

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