I’ve been lazy lately, so that I’m not excelling my test’s mark. There is a bunch of exasperating things keep hustle and bustle around. Sometime I cannot sleep at night; sometime when I sleep that thing did buzz and ask for middle finger I guess. No manners. I have a serious issue with amity and freedom these days. But it’s more into a spaces and calmness as the matter of fact. I am frequently breathing hot oxygen then.

I am cool as ice when I am going with the game. For me it is not a rocket-science or any hyphened term that they keep read it twice. Give it a rest, sooner or later they’ll give it all up. I think I have to re-conjoin with the clergy I left behind. Keep on wondering if they still have my postcode number, glad facebook gave me a chance to delve their whereabouts. im gonna hold this thought firmly.

Being ignorant is sometime awesome, but in a meantime its push me to an obnoxious and then left me anxiety. I need a real activity and genuine promise as the clock tic toc, I can never be at ease because I have to beat up the ultimate and burn down the rival and cry with honour and dignity as return.

Good timber does not grow with ease. The stronger the wind the stronger the trees.

-Douglas Malloch-

excuse me... can i bragging for a while?.

dah tiga bulan aku tak hisap rokok. terrer kan?...haha.. i did it!!

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