this preview is not cool and rich with disturbing element, watching is at your own risk

I watched this clip last night dan hari ini aku rasa trauma sikit, but honestly i can stand watching horror movie which full of blood and cut here and there, yet i even watch Hostel 1 and 2, Wrongturn 123. both can be classified as horror enough for me. I am having my mate watching hostel once, suddenly his eyes turned red then he ran out to the drain infront of my house. he vomit there then. what a fag. haha

but in this rarely occasion i cannot bear to watch the man dying, He keep asking for a help, his tangan dan anggota badan yang lain scattered all over the place and blood filled up dekat tempat duduk driver. unfortunately nobody even can do a thing or two. The guy who thought her to recite the syahadah also not holding up his head and taught the dying man properly. He merely shout dekat sebelah sebelah je. not even straight to his ear.

and finally the man die. the ambulan pun datang lewat ke tempat kejadian. but as a prediction i could say that the man got not much time left. poor him. May Allah put him with solehin and mu'minin di alam barzakh.

sebagai manusia yang masih hidup, safety must be numero uno. do recite doa as the engine start. jangan belagak sangat, paling koman pun bacalah bismillah. se rempit rempit anda di jalanan, jangan lupa malang tak berbau bhai!.

we have a bad reading on fatal accident statistic, dont put yourself in it. You can make it different.

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