there was one time , when i woke up in the late morn, then followed by a unidentified bunk tears. that prefect come over to my bed.

"hey, bangun!.. mak kau kat rumah ustaz salehan"

and that was like mini heart attack stunning my sub-conscious body and sleepy head.

"cilaka!, hari tu janji tak nak call parents. shit!"

yeah that was my sincere monologue to that old dude, who was apparently in the charge of my bad discipline. actually not that bad. It is just a some light and indistinct protest toward my non-supportive alma mater.

in fact they put to much to handle inevitable chores here and there. Then I start to smoke. yeah I'd took that as creative excuse and catalyst to keep me stand up and confront the live.

by the event of mom's sudden appear, my heart beats like bullshit rhyme inside. like an annoying alarm tone comes from your friends cellphone each dawn. dull, blunt and jazz.

long story short, mom already there. i have to squeeze out some guts,  be there and face the judgement. My heart was fully loaded by revenge to that old man. he lied to me for fuck sake!.

Anyway it was still approximately 10 over 1 winning of our lying games. In other words, I will always told him a lie for every single things and chapter we met. up to this point, I am still the winner you old dude!... read my lips.. i-won.

so that when he twist his words i cannot say further. by the way this is not about him or his whatever. Mom was in deep disappointment when she get to know about how i had abused her trust. I saw a one or two drop tears in her eyes.

her tears only for the short run,   i wiped them with the good score on that year exam. mom start to granted my inevitable smoking habit the following year. not to mention dad. he wont say anything. haha.

my moral start to deteriorate a bit since that, but mom only said

"dont you ever get caught up by the police, i will let you stay in the lockup and wont fetch you up"

soft and gent yet deep and strict as well. she put a very big trust on my shoulder to handle myself. alhamdulillah god driven me to right friends and we growing up perfectly up to this extent.

mom put to much effort in raising us up. she just great. happy mothers day mom!.

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