An Owl is one lucky bastard if and only if he tooks worm as his breakfast. because of what?, because he do stay up all night till morn so he beats the first place of an early bird whom always regarded with an early worm.

unfortunately the fact didnt do that way. the idea of being such choosy in dietary will led some of us and some of them as well to being suck and stupid. i am going to tell you about a few basic concept of how critical our life might turned if we dont have the ability of not to give a fuck in crucial occasions.

first. this is not a documentary or research base article or any other equivalent material. you wont found any helpful tips for your assignment in this very junk writing.

alrighty then, the first three of above paragraph already filled with somekind of educated set of words ; as if i am the coolest doodle writing some book published worldwide.

i started to not give a fuck about grammar and language rules, so that i can speak easily or write almost everything i wanted to. believe me, even an english got not much nerve to trace your grammar mistake.

BuT iF YoU WRitE anYtHInG ThiS wAy. i pray to god that your capslock will not working anymore and unfixable!

jadi aku rasa selaku samseng yang tak taat pada undang undang duniawi ini. aku dah boleh mula cakap melayu sebelum kamu mual.

hakikatnya aku bukan tahu apa mahu ditulis, aku sengaja poyo agar sedikit tidak ruangan ini boleh terisi walaupun ceritanya cuma ala tinja tinja di loji kumbah.

ok sayonara!
lainkali saja aku cerita pasal konsep asas. 

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