have you ever traped in the middle of situation where you have to act like a brilliant machine which keep correcting people around you. contohnya aku ada kawan yang baru beli telefon bimbit nokia E5. and he get too excited about it. know what, i already thought him how to pronounce the words "theme" and till now he still pronounce it as "term".

can you stand how stupid its goes when you have to stay couple of hours with this type of people. its such a huge responsible for us to chat and teach them in the same time.

but seriously we cannot blame them for being that way. itu macam kita belagak pada kurniaan Allah pada kita. tahu tak dalam dunia nie bila kita duduk dengan orang kurang berilmu kita tak sepatutnya belagak dan bila kita duduk dengan ilmuwan kita tak sepatutnya riak.

macam pengalaman aku ajar ayah menggunakan telefon bimbit sony K770i. pergh, memang menguji kesabaran. and FYI my daddy is not a well educated person, he even not end up his high school. so when he finally realize that  mobile phone is a must have item these day. so he asked us his childs to teach him how to utilize  the camera, the Sms, the MP3 player the apps and etcetera things in it.

and now he even asked us to burn a his selected MP3 into CD and he'll listen it in car. it is just his dime is not fair enough to have an adequate knowledge with complicated and sophisticated thang such that. so that we have play our role on showing this people a proper way on how to get managed with the thang.

you know, bila kita mengajar orang macam nie. kesabaran kita akan teruji seratus peratus, macam mengajar adik tadika mengaji alif ba ta. its totally challenging ok. so that dalam menunjukkan cahaya kepada insan yang berada dalam kegelapan we have to optimize our patience and determination to prevent any offensive sense in learning process.

its a tough job and those who willing to hold this responsible was surely a great person. and kalau yang tak pernah mengaji then you all ajar dia mengaji lagi lah menguji, you tak percaya you jumpa balik ustaz mengaji pertama you orang and asked him how stupid you look during your first step on alif ba ta.

the point here is, in this very spherical world. we do have a lot of utter ignorant people to be driven. so that, for those who intellectual  please dont acting like good by presenting your knowledge in very annoying boastful manners.

for the record :
i have a slow-witted supervisor, but everyone jut forgive him and forget how ignorant he was.
ilmu adalah nyawa bagi hati tanpa ilmu hati itu mati

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